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Valuation & Appraisal Case Law.


In addition to various standards, regulations and principles, there are various cases that have tested areas that affect the profession of valuation and appraisers, particularly in the capacity of expert witnesses.


We continually research and monitor case law in order to provide the highest level of valuation reports for our clients. Some of the principle and significant case laws comprise the following;


Australian & United Kingdom Case Law


Market Value - Spencer v. The Commonwealth of Australia (1907) 5 CLR 418.


Role of The Expert Witness - The "Ikarian Reefer" (1993) 20 FSR 563 at 565-566.


Admissibility of Expert Evidence - Dasreef Pty Limited v Nawaf Hawchar [2011] HCA 21.


Evans Deakin Pty Ltd v Sebel Furniture Ltd [2003] FCA 171 per Allsop J at [676].


Expert Opinion Admissibility - Makita (Australia) Pty Ltd v Sprowles [2001] NSWCA 305 (2001).


Opinion evidence based on hearsay - Pownall v Conlan Management Pty Ltd (1995) 12 WAR 370.


Expert Witness Code of Conduct - Smith v Gould [2012] VSC 461.


The Role of an Expert Witness - Davie v Magistrates of Edinburgh (1953) S.C. 34





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