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Services We Offer


Businesses, professionals, industry leaders and individuals are increasingly realising the benefits of utilising an accredited valuer. Accredited valuers can take the guess work out of valuing plant, equipment, machinery, chattels, vehicles and other assets. We can provide expert valuation reports for the following purposes:

Expert Witness Valuer Appraiser
Expert Witness

We produce valuation reports for property settlements, civil action, estate work and other litigation matters. We are very familiar and comply with the following Expert Witness Guidelines.

Supreme Court Practice Directions and Rule 160,

Division 15.2 of the Federal Circuit Court Rules 2001 and the Magistrates Court (SA) civil rules for Experts.

Financial Reporting Valuer Appraiser
Financial Reporting

Our reports are utilised for stamp duty, cost allocation, updating fixed asset registers and other financial matters. Our valuation reports are compliant with AASB 116 and IFRS standards and AASB 13 Fair Value measurement.


Mergers, Acquisitions & Liquidations Valuer Appraiser
Acquisitions & Liquidations
Finance Valuer Appraiser
Financing & Loan Security

Our reports are relied upon for Independent Expert Reports for mergers and we are very familiar and comply with ASIC's Regulatory Guidelines 111 and 112.


We also provide market valuation reports for acquisitions and are known for our discretion and confidentiality in sensitive business transactions.

We regularly prepare reports for secured loan agreements (formally chattel mortgage), refinancing and residual values. We are experienced in providing a range of values for your financiers' requirements.

Insurance Valuer Appraiser
Market Evaluations Valuer Appraiser
Market Evaluations

We can provide current and retrospective valuation reports for insurance requirements including, Reinstatement and Indemnity values, Agreed value or Loss Adjustment claims.


We prepare valuation reports for a wide variety of asset types.

Our reports are developed by undertaking in-depth research of current markets and the many factors both internal and external that can affect value.

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